EM-News - R.I.P. Dave Smith

VCO1 - Thu Jun 02, 2022 9:11 am
Post subject: R.I.P. Dave Smith
It's going too fast. Yet another influential person in EM has passed:

Dave Smith

The father of MIDI, the Prophet 5 and Korg Wavestation, to name but a few.

dronescape - Thu Jun 02, 2022 10:23 am
Post subject:
Too sad.

Two weeks ago, he was still around at Super Booth Berlin, and now he's gone. Ka-Boom. All of a sudden.

I've always meant to share my Prophet Resurrection Project with him, just to let him know that people do still care about his old stuff and do not dispose of it as junk. Wishing now I had done that.

Thank you for the plethora of great music your instruments inspired -- there is no better way to live on.


BruecknerAmbient - Thu Jun 02, 2022 8:59 pm
Post subject:
I was shocked to read about Dave Smith first thing when I just woke up this morning - so sorry... Crying or Very sad

I dreamed about having one of his instruments since decades, but never seemed to be able to afford one.

In addition to building excellently sounding synths, he was also supportive of microtonal tunings, still not a very common feature...

And without MIDI making the production of electronic much easier to handle, I guess I wouldn't have gathered the courage to start dabbling in it 30 years ago (and I guess it's the same for many others as well).

RIP, Dave Smith!


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