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 Robert Rich News & Tour dates

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:19 pm    Robert Rich News & Tour dates Reply with quoteBack to top

taken from Robert's newsletter:

It's here! We're happy to announce Medicine Box, Robert's
very cool new CD, with great artwork from John Bergin,
in bright 3-fold Digipack.

Medicine Box is now available direct from us at:

Robert Rich: Medicine Box

Surreal, melodic, ecstatic, shamanic:
Medicine Box may be Rich's most dynamic album yet,
an adept blending of technology with the ancient.

Cheri Chuang's wordless crystalline voice graces three
songs, with traces of Persian inflection. Deep basslines
hint at dub, while analog synth skitters and chuffs the
outlines of a rhythmic grid, propelled forward by pulsing
north African drums. Sustaining guitars bring a psychedelic
edge. Cello and reeds echo plaintively in the distance.
Rich's sparse piano adds droplets of modal jazz to this
dark tea.

1. Alba 4:16
2. Kaaruwana 6:18
3. Macula 6:27
4. Cornea 5:24
5. Crepescule 6:39
6. Pollen 7:33
7. Callyx 5:58
8. Salamander Quay 7:37
9. Helios 10:42

Robert Rich: synths & MOTM, flutes, steel guitars, piano,
bass, percussion
Haroun Serang: guitar on 1
Cheri Chuang: voice on 2,6,9
Edo Castro: bass on 3,6,9
Hans Christian: cello on 3,5,7,9
Slim Heilpern: chromatic harmonica, 4


Surround downloads from Jhana Music:

Robert has created surround mixes of some of his recent
albums. These will be available by download through Jhana,
here: http://www.jhanamusic.com/artist/robert-rich
Soon you should see full album releases of "Medicine Box"
"Ylang" and other titles, mixed and mastered specifically
for surround download by Robert Rich.


Australia Tour:

Robert Rich is playing in Australia January-February 2012.
The following dates will get fine-tuned in the next months.
Jan. 27-30 - Melbourne: Rainbow Serpent Festival
Feb. 4 - Sydney: TBA
Feb. 11 - Melbourne: Northcote Uniting Church
Feb. 17-20 - Brisbane: Earth Frequency Festival

my site with reviews, interviews, features & much more .

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