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 Projekt release: theAdelaidean and Deepspace "Antigravi

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2021 1:01 pm    Projekt release: theAdelaidean and Deepspace "Antigravi Reply with quoteBack to top

Have a listen and if you like it, Name-your-price.


Genres: ambient, experimental, drift, drone
For fans of: Brian Eno, Steve Roach & Stars of the Lid

theAdelaidean and deepspace’s second collaboration of 2021 trades stately, psychic impressions for weightless, crystalline synths that sparkle and hum with otherworldly energies. Driven by slow enigmatic melodies, ANTIGRAVITY leads the listener on a weightless odyssey built from alien sounds and poignant, all-too-human cadences through an electric void of otherworldly (un)consciousness.

A delicate fantasy meticulously assembled from inspirations as diverse as art music and contemporary electronic works, ANTIGRAVITY takes an eclectic approach to unfolding moments that teases the listener with bioluminescent shards of synthetic ambience, glittering like anxious alien moths, while leviathans of sound emerge from and retreat into distant regions of space. Ever-changing currents of sound bear the listener outward as well as inward, triggering images of vistas unseen by human eye. Dark blue lights flash softly while soft star trails criss-cross over reef-like nebulae, full of wondrous light. In a vast diorama of sublimity where near and far do not figure, stratospheric heights fall away to distant glowing planets below, all gentle and... more
released November 30, 2021

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