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 Electronic music Sell 1117 Cd - LP

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 1:24 pm    Electronic music Sell 1117 Cd - LP Reply with quoteBack to top

Contact: lakinfol@gmail.com

23 Fish Future? cdr
23 Fish Unforgiven machine cdr
808 State Gorgeous cd
Accelera Deck Digital headrest cd
Ad·Ver·Sary A bright cut across velvet sky cd
Ad·Ver·Sary Bone music cd
Adolfo Nuñez Anira cd
Adrian Wagner Instinkts lp
Aelab Sparks cd
Ah Cama-Sotz Mantra 3"cd
Airsculpture Attrition system cdr
Airsculpture Before the moon cd
Airsculpture Burn cdr
Airsculpture Europa cdr
Airsculpture Fjord transit cdr
Airsculpture Impossible geometries cdr
Airsculpture Quark soup cdr
Airsculpture Thunderhead cdr
Airsculpture Tranceatlantic 2cd
Airsculpture Trick or treat cdr
Alain Wergifosse Deep gray organics cd
Alan Vega Deuce avenue lp
Alek Stark Fundamentals of space travel vol. 1 cd
Alex Martin 4 phunk mx
Alex Martin Eventual extremes cd
Alex Martin National phonographics ep mx
Alex Martin Ensemble Come into cosmos cd
Allerian Listening device cd
Alter Ego Alter ego 2lp
Alva Noto Unitxt cd
Ambre Enclave cd
Ambre Le mensonge cd
Ambre & Mark Spybey Sfumato cd
Ammo Beautiful people 7"
Ammo The age of terminal irony cd
Anthony Rother 62 minutes on mars cd
Anthony Rother Art is a technology cd
Anthony Rother Elixir of life cd
Anthony Rother Machine room cd
Anthony Rother Magic diner cd
Anthony Rother My name is Beuys from Telekraft 2cd
Anthony Rother Netzwerk der zukunft cd
Anthony Rother Verbalizer cd
Anthony Rother Vom urknall zur maschine cd
Antigen Shift This moment of cold remembering BOX 3"cd+7"
Aphex Twin …I care because you do cd
Aphex Twin Classics cd
Aphex Twin Come to daddy cd
Aphex Twin Drukqs 2cd
Aphex Twin Richard D. James cd
Aphex Twin Selected ambient works 85-92 cd
Aphex Twin Selected ambient works vol.II 2cd
Aphorism Surge cd
Apsaras Apsaras lp
Arc Arcturus cd
Arc Blaze cd
Arc Church cd
Arc Fracture cd
Arc Umbra cd
Arcane 33 1/3 rpm cd
Arcane Future wreck cd
Ars Moriendi Live at maschinenfest 2002 cd
Artemiy Artemiev & Phillip B. Klingler A moment of infinity cd
Artemiy Artemiev & Phillip B. Klingler Dreams in moving space cd
Asana Shrine cd
Asche Distorted disco cd
Asche Stonebrain cd
Ashra New age of earth cd
Asmus Tietchens Biotop cd
Asmus Tietchens Der funfte himmel cd
Asmus Tietchens In die nacht cd
Asmus Tietchens Litia cd
Asmus Tietchens Spat europa cd
Asmus Tietchens & Achim Wollscheid Repetitive movement cd
Asmus Tietchens & Terry Burrows Burning the watching bride lp
Atom Heart Orange cd
Atrox Sequence or die cd
Aube Substructural penetration 1991-1995 2cd
Aube & Telepherique Daseinsspanne 7"
Aural Scenarios A host of planets 1 cd
Aural Scenarios A host of planets 2 cd
Autechre Chiastic slide cd
Autechre Confield cd
Autechre Draft 7.30 cd
Autechre Ep7 cd
Autechre Exai 2cd
Autechre Incunabula cd
Autoclav 1.1 Love no longer lives here cd
Autopilot The voice inside cd
Aviador Dro Alas sobre el mundo 2cd
Aviador Dro Sintesis 3cd
Axiome Ca ne nous rendra pas le congo cd
Axiome Rictus cd
Azure Skies Azure skies cd
Bandulu Guidance cd
Batchas Freq63-robotique cd
Batchas Mydese cd
Beequeen The sorrough gate 10"
Berbel Nobodius Wanton but windblown lp
Bernd Scholl Tales of fantasy cd
Bil Vermette Beyondherebe… cd
Bil Vermette Emocean cd
Bil Vermette Galaxies IV 2cd
Bil Vermette Geophobia cd
Bil Vermette Voyager cd
Bill Nelson Optimism lp
Bill Rhodes Twilight zone cd
Biometric Structures Ecologies cd
Bjorn Lynne Colony cd
Black Lung Full spectrum dominance cd
Black Lung Profound and sentimental journey 3"cd
Black Lung Rhic-edom mx
Black Lung The sound of meat 10"
Black Tape For A Blue Girl With my sorrows parts 2+3 3"cd
Blotnik Brothers Mizuage cd
Boris Divider Exascale cd
Boris Divider La hora de las maquinas cd
Boris Divider Visiones secuenciales cd
Brain Pilot Brainpilot cd
Brain Pilot Illegal entry ep
Brain Pilot Interface 3.0 cd
Brain Pilot Mind fuel cd
Brannan Lane Lost caverns of thera cd
Brannan Lane Troposphere cd
Brendan Pollard Flux echoes cd
Brendan Pollard Live in concert 2006 part 1 cd
Brendan Pollard Live in concert 2006 part 2 cd
Brian Eno Neroli cd
Brian Eno Nerve net cd
Brian Evenson & Xingu Hill & Tamarin Altmann´s tongue cd
Broken Fabiola Severed cd
C.J. Bolland Electronic highway cd
Cabaret Voltaire Code lp
Cabaret Voltaire Drinking gasoline 2mx
Cabaret Voltaire Percussion force mx
Cabaret Voltaire The covenant,sword and the arm of the lord lp
Cell Auto Mata The devil is in the detail cd
Celluloid Mata Sable cd
Celluloid Mata Spectrum 2cd
Ch District Slides cd
Ch District Vs Duuster Chemical elements 1.0 cd
Chaos Infiltrator mx
Chris & Cosey Allotropy cd
Chris & Cosey Passion 7"
Chris Meloche Distant rituals cd
Chris Meloche Urban myth 2 cd
Chris Vandoni Rain forest cd
Christoph Hausmann & Martin Stark Newtime cd
Christoph Hausmann & Martin Stark Newtime 2 - Metropolis cd
Christopher Franke Klemania cd
Christopher Franke London concert cd
Christopher Franke New music for films 1 cd
Christopher Franke Universal soldier cd
Chuck Van Zyl Celestial Mechanics cd
Chuck Van Zyl Cenotaph cd
Chuck Van Zyl Memoryspace cd
Chuck Van Zyl Rituals cd
Chuck Van Zyl The Relic 2cd
Cicuta Virosa Media murder ep 3"cd
Claude Young Soft thru cd
Collapse Section cd
Collin Sherman Forms cd
Collin Sherman Static cd
Coma Virus Hidden cd
Config.Sys Ulysses cd
Conrad Schnitzler Abruzzo cd
Conrad Schnitzler Constellations cd
Conrad Schnitzler Contakt cd
Conrad Schnitzler Context cd
Conrad Schnitzler Control cd
Conrad Schnitzler Convex cd
Conrad Schnitzler Hideing cd
Conrad Schnitzler Hurry cd
Conrad Schnitzler Kreissage cd
Conrad Schnitzler Shineing cd
Conrad Schnitzler Skating cd
Conrad Schnitzler Sqare cd
Conrad Schnitzler Stethoskope cd
Conrad Schnitzler Teekanne cd
Conrad Schnitzler Tra 01 mix cd
Conrad Schnitzler Tra 03 mix cd
Conrad Schnitzler Tra 05 mix cd
Conrad Schnitzler Tra 06 mix cd
Conrad Schnitzler Vier koffer cd
Conrad Schnitzler Wallwindow cd
Conrad Schnitzler Werkzeuge cd
Conrad Schnitzler Windvogel cd
Conrad Schnitzler & Matt Howarh Moon mummy cd
Conrad Schnitzler & Michael Thomas Roe Mic & con 04 cd
Conrad Schnitzler & Michael Thomas Roe Mic & con 07 cd
Conrad Schnitzler & Wolf Sequenza Consequenz cd
Conrad Schnitzler & Wolf Sequenza Consequenz II cd
Control Natural selection cd
Converter Blast furnace cd
Converter Expansion 1.3 2x3"cd
Converter Expansion 2.0 2cd
Converter Shock front cd
Converter & Asche & Morgenstern Erode cd
Cosmic Baby Thinking about myself cd
Cosmic Baby Tribute to blade runner 1 mx
Cosmic Smokers Live at the national space centre cdr
Cosmic Smokers Live at the Y cdr
Cosmic Smokers On another planet 1 cdr
Cosmic Smokers On another planet 2 cdr
Cosmic Smokers On another planet 3 cdr
Craig Padilla Crystal garden cd
Craig Padilla Genesis cd
Craig Padilla The eye of the storm cd
Craig Padilla The light in the shadow cd
Craig Padilla Vostok cd
Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy Phantasma cd
Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy Planetary elements 2 cd
Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy Reflections in mercury cd
Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy Temporal suspension cd
Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms Path of least resistance cd
Create Biospherical imagery cd
Create From earth to mars cd
Create Lost on an island of adventure cd
Cybernetic:Fuckheadz <cybernetic> cd
Dan Curtin Deception cd
Dave Fulton Hard particles cd
David Parsons Himalaya cd
David Parsons Tibetan plateaux + Sounds of the mothership cd
David Parsons Yatra 2cd
David Thrussell The voices of reason cd
David Van Tieghem Strange cargo lp
David Wright Marilynmba cd
Davol Mystic waters cd
Davol Nature of the beast cd
Dazzling Malicious Dazzling malicious lp+cd
Dbkaos Art of sacrifice cd
De Fabriek Quatro-erogenic-occupy theme´s part II cd
De Fabriek & K2 Junk disco to Holland 7"
Deadstock Deadstock cd
Deep Forest Boheme cd
Deep Forest World mix cd
Dennis Hart Sternthaler cd
Deutsch Nepal A silent siege cd
Diamond Version Ep 1-5 2cd
Die Neue Sachlichkeit Die neue sachlichkeit 10"
Dino Felipe Dinosaur bones & pyramids cd
Disharmony Cloned: other side of evolution cd
Dither Summit cd
Dither Urei cd
Djen Ajakan Shean Crows heading for point blank 3"cd
Dntel Life is full of possibilities cd
Dom F. Scab About a tree cd
Dom F. Scab Binary secrets cd
Dom F. Scab Crosswords cd
Dom F. Scab Necessary fears cd
Dom F. Scab Twelve stories cd
Dom F. Scab & John Lakveet Silent mars cd
Dorninger Theatre scores remixed 2cd
Doron Sadja A piece of string, a sunset cd
Dream Sequence Endless reflection 2mx
Dreamfish Dreamfish cd
Dreamwind Warp date cd
Druhb Cone of silence cd
Duuster Habitat cd
Dweller At The Threshold Full boundary condition 3cd
Eddie Flashin´Fowlkes Black technosoul cd
Efficient Refineries Nitideath cd
El Sueño De Hyparco Ambientes hormonales lp
El Sueño De Hyparco If cd
Elektric Music Tv 3"cd
Emerald Web Lights of the ivory plains lp
Emmanuel Tuts-Schiemsky Rust voor de stilte cd
Empusae Error 404: metaphorical loss cd
End The sick generation cd
Endif Carbon cd
Epilepsy Baphomet box cd
Eric Serra El gran azul lp
Eric Serra El gran azul 2 cd
Erik Wollo Silver beach cd
Erik Wollo & Bernhard Wostheinrich Arcadia borealis cd
Esa The sea & the silence cd
Esplendor Geometrico 8 tracks & live cd+dvd
Esplendor Geometrico Desarrollos geometricos cd
Esplendor Geometrico Fluida mekaniko Box 2cd
Esplendor Geometrico Live in Belgium oct. 1996 cd
Esplendor Geometrico Live in Elektroanschlag 31.03.2007 cd
Esplendor Geometrico Live in Kyoto 14.04.2007 cd
Esplendor Geometrico Live in Madrid 18.01.2009 cd
Esplendor Geometrico Live in Prague dec. 1995 cd
Esplendor Geometrico Live in Warenger feb. 1996 cd
Esplendor Geometrico Pulsion cd
Esplendor Geometrico Ultraphoon cd
Evol Principio 3"cd
Exchange Between places cd
Exchange Legend of prince valiant cd
Exhaustor Coaxial cd
Eyephone Devolution cd
Eyephone Reductive cd
Famine Nature´s twin tendencies cd
Felipe+Forte Eke out cd
Female Into the exotic cd
Female Pelotone mx
Floorplan Doin my thing mx
Fractional Blood cd
Fractional Come mierda cd
Francisco Lopez Untitled (1981-83) 3"cd
Frank Bretschneider Rand cd
Frank Rothkamm Moers works 1982-1984 cd
Fred Becker Inner,stellar mc
Free System Projekt Impulse (2005) cd
Free System Projekt Narrow lane cd
Free System Projekt & Pollard & Hashtronaut Mind out of time cd
Frogmen Aquatik ep mx
Front 242 05:22:09:12 off cd
Funckarma Bion glent cd
Funckarma Refurbished two cd
Gareth Clarke Gareth clarke cd
Garry Hughes Ancient evenings cd
Geeez ´N´ Gosh My life with Jesus cd
Geeez ´N´ Gosh Nobody knows cd
Geistform Sequentia 2.0 2cd
Gen Ken Montgomery Drilling holes in the wall cd
General Magic Frantz cd
Gert Emmens A boy´s world cd
Gert Emmens Asteroids cd
Gert Emmens Elektra cd
Gert Emmens Obscure movements in twilight shades cd
Gert Emmens Waves of dreams cd
Gert Emmens When darness falls upon the earth cd
Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij Blind watchers of a vanishing night cd
Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij Echoes from future memories cd
Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij Lost in the swamp cd
Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij Return to origin cd
Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij Signs cd
Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij Silent witnesses of industrial landscapes cd
Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij The sculpture garden cd
Ginormous The endless… + Our ancestors… 2cd
Global Communication 76 14 cd
G-Nox Ventre cd
Goem Extensie cd
Goem Mort aux vaches cd
Goldie Timeless cd
Graham Getty & Stephan Whitlan Even higher green cd
Graham Getty & Stephan Whitlan Higher green session cd
Greyhound Electroiz cd
Greyhound Minimal communication cd
Grid Electric head lp
Grid Evolver cd
Grina Moff Works Gmw 2cd
Habitants Habitants cd
Half Mute Epater le bourgois cd
Harald Grosskopf Oceanheart cd
Harald Grosskopf Synthesist cd
Hashtronaut The lambda variant cd
Hd Substance Antiaxis ep mx
Hd Substance Eleven cd
Heaven 17 Penthouse & Pavement cd
Hecate Seven veils of silence cd
Hecker It iso 161975 3"cd
Hegemonia Arabian nights cd
Heimstatt Yipotash Storegga effect cd
Hoffmann-Hoock & Wostheinrich Conundrum cd
Hollan Holmes A distant light cd
Hollan Holmes Incandescent cd
Hollan Holmes Phase shift cd
Hollan Holmes The farthest fringes cd
Hollan Holmes The spirit of starlight cd
Holon Japanorexia cd
Hostile Ambush ep mx
Hubert Bognermayr & Harald Zuschrader Sternenklang cd
Human League Crash lp
Human League Dare lp
Huren Pub(l)ic-meat cd
Hypnoskull (g.o.d)-once again cd
Hypnoskull Electronic music means war to us cd
Hypnoskull Ffwd>burnout cd
Hypnoskull Operation tough guy! Boxset 2cd
Hypnoskull Rhythmusmaschine eins-zwei cd
Hypnoskull The harder you try is the closer you get 7"
Hypnoskull Who's hardcore anyway? 7"
Hysteresis Measured chaos cd
Hysteresis Will + representation cd
I:Gor Barwy kolorow cd
Ian Boddy Continuum 2cd
Ian Boddy Drive cd
Ian Boddy Phoenix lp
Ian Boddy Slide cd
Ian Boddy Spirits cd
Ian Boddy The climb cd
Ian Boddy The deep cd
Ian Boddy The uncertainty principle cd
Ian Boddy & Bernhard Wostheinrich Moire cd
Ian Boddy & Erik Wollo Frontiers cd
Iberian Nueva era ep mx
Ilpo Vaisanen Asuma cd
Imminent Cask strength cd
Imminent & Synapscape Screenwalking mcd
Individual 180 bullets per man cd
Insurgent Inc Kidz cd
Ipd Ballet radar 3"cd
Iszoloscope Coagulating wreckage box cd+7"
Iszoloscope & Antigen Shift The blood dimmed tide 3"cd
Iury Lech A bite in the common sense cd
Iury Lech Aspersions by instinct 2cd
James Bernard Symphony for a biomechanical breakdown cd
James Johnson Entering twilight cd
James Johnson & Robert Scott Thompson Forgotten places cd
Javier Hernando Hydro parhelia cd
Javier Hernando Luz nacarina cd
Jay Denham Synthesized society cd
Jean Michel Jarre Equinoxe lp
Jean Michel Jarre Images lp
Jean Michel Jarre Magnetic fields lp
Jean Michel Jarre Metamorphoses cd
Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene lp
Jean Michel Jarre Revolutions cd
Jean Michel Jarre Zoolook lp
Jean-Pierre Gauthier Porte disparu dans une qincaillerie cd+dvd
Jedi Knights New school science cd
Jeff Greinke In another place cd
Jeff Greinke Places of motility cd
Jeff Greinke Ride cd
Jeff Mills Waveform transmission 3 cd
Jeff Pearce The light beyond cd
Jeff Pearce To the shores of heaven cd
Jeffrey Koepper Radiate cd
Jerry Goodman On the future of aviation lp
Jim Bartz Pictures of earth+space lp
Jiri Ceiver Head.phon cd
Jiri Ceiver Jig, amble & lisp cd
Joel Fajerman La aventura de las plantas lp
Joel Fajerman Turbulences lp
Johannes Schmoelling Songs no words cd
John Dyson Different values cd
John Dyson Evolution cd
Jon Hassell Dream theory in malaya cd
Jon Mark Land of merlin cd
Jon Mark Standing stones of callanish cd
Jon Ryman Artifice & architecture mlp
Jonn Serrie And the stars go with you cd
Jonn Serrie Flightpath cd
Jonn Serrie Lumia nights dvd
Jonn Serrie Midsummer century cd
Jonn Serrie Planetary chronicles vol.1 cd
Jonn Serrie Planetary chronicles vol.2 cd
Jonn Serrie Star chronicles dvd
Jonn Serrie Thousand star cd
Jonn Serrie Tingri cd
Jorg Thomasius Marmor cd
Jorge Haro Fin de siecle cd
Juan Manuel Cidron ...de la sombra y de la espuma cd
Juan Manuel Cidron Electrodomestico cd
Juan Manuel Cidron Gnostic laberyntus cd
Juan Manuel Cidron Pneumatico cd
Juan Manuel Cidron Yaset cd
K2 Anybody can´t catch up with this 10"
Ken Ishii Innerelements cd
Kevin Braheny Galaxies cd
Kevin Braheny The way home cd
Kitaro Towards the west lp
Klangstabil Sieg der monochronisten lp
Klangstabil Sprite storage format mlp
Klaus Schulze Angst cd
Klaus Schulze Audentity 2cd
Klaus Schulze Beyond recall cd
Klaus Schulze Blackdance cd
Klaus Schulze Body love cd
Klaus Schulze Body love 2 cd
Klaus Schulze Dig it cd+dvd
Klaus Schulze Dreams lp
Klaus Schulze Dresden performance 2cd
Klaus Schulze Dune cd
Klaus Schulze Dziekuje poland 2cd
Klaus Schulze En=trance 2lp
Klaus Schulze Miditerranean pads cd
Klaus Schulze Moondawn cd
Klaus Schulze Royal festival hall 2 cd
Klaus Schulze Trancefer cd
Klaus Schulze & Andreas Grosser Babel cd
Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard Rheingold 2cd+2dvd
Komet Audio.nl cd
Kom-Intern Ukusa+Echelon box 2cd
Konrad Kucz Railroad paths cd
Konrad Kucz Vita contemplativa Litania cd
Kotra Ampere mcd
Kotra Renaissance mcd
Kotra Reset cd
Kotra Revolt cd
Kotra Rozviy mcd
Kraftwerk Computer world lp
Kraftwerk Electric café lp
Kraftwerk Expo 2000 ep 3"cd
Kraftwerk Kraftwerk 2 cd
Kraftwerk Man machine lp
Kraftwerk Minimum-Maximum box 2cd+2dvd
Kraftwerk Radioactivity lp
Kraftwerk Ralf & Florian cd
Kraftwerk The mix cd
Kraftwerk Tour de France 2003 ep 3"cd
Kraftwerk Trans Europe express lp
Kraken Amore 2cd
Kraken Chagrin cd
Kraken Drift cd
Kreptkrept Irregular dark beat cd
Krystian Shek Eisblumen cd
Kubusschnitt Entropy´s evolution cd
Kubusschnitt Kubient cdr
Kubusschnitt Nightshade cdr
Kubusschnitt Phoenix cdr
Kubusschnitt The cube cd
Kubusschnitt The singularity cd
L.F.O. & Tricky Disco L.F.O.-Tricky disco mx
L@N 2 mx
L@N L@n cd
L@N Twoinone cd
L´Ombre Medicine for the meaningless cd
L´Ombre Simulations 1.0 cd
Lackluster Slice cd
Lagowski Wire science cd
Lasik Surgery As one entity cd
Laurent Garnier Shot in the dark cd
Leftfield Leftism cd
Legion Die datenschleuder cd
Legion False dawn cd
Legion Leviathan cd
Legion Ultra Perversion of purity lp+7"
Lightwave Cantus umbrarum cd
Lightwave Mundus subterraneus cd
Lightwave Nachtmusik cd
Lightwave Tycho brahe cd
Linga Sarira Concrescence cdr
Lopside 37 cd
Loren Nerell The venerable dark cloud 3"cd
Lucidstatic Gravedigger cd
Luke Slater Wireless cd
Lunes De Hierro Lunes de hierro lp
Mad Ep Not afraid of spiders mcd
Manna Manna 2lp
Marc Mcnulty Powdered_iron_rods cd
Marita Schreck Schlagwerkorgien cd
Mark Shreeve Assassin cd
Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy Dervish cd
Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy Pure cd
Martin Rev Clouds of glory cd
Mas 2008 De-cyphered music cd
Mas 2008 Punished by machines cd
Mathias Grassow In search of sanity cd
Mathias Grassow Namakar cd
Maurizio Bianchi First day last day cd
Maurizio Bianchi & Siegmar Fricke Primordium cd
Max Corbacho Breathstream cd
Max Corbacho Moontribe cd
Max Corbacho Splendid labyrinths cd
Max Corbacho The ocean inside 2cd
Max Corbacho The resonant memory of earth cd
Max Corbacho The talisman cd
Max Corbacho Vestiges cd
Max Corbacho & Bruno Sanfilippo Indalo cd
Max Van Richter Resurrection cd
Mazmoneth Music by mirrors cd
Mecanica Popular Neguentropia cd
Memory Foundation Memory foundation mx
Metroland Mind the gap cd
Metroland Things will never sound the same again cd
Metroland Triadic ballet 3cd
Mg Mg cd
Mic Holwin Starting to remember cd
Michael Garrison Eclipse cd
Michael Garrison Images cd
Michael Garrison In the regions of sunreturn and beyond cd
Michael Garrison Prisms cd
Michael Garrison The rhythm of life cd
Michael Law Sacred thread of life cd
Michael Mantra & Charlz De La Casa Cerulean transmission cd
Michael Santos Soft pocket cdr
Michael Shipway Beneath folly cd
Michael Shipway Into the battle (1990) cd
Michael Stearns Chronos dvd
Michael Stearns Encounter cd
Michael Stearns Floating whispers cd
Michael Stearns M´ocean cd
Michael Stearns Plunge cd
Michael Stearns The lost world cd
Michel Huygen Absence of reality cd
Michel Huygen Astralia cd
Michel Huygen Barcelona 1992 cd
Michel Huygen Directo al corazon cd
Michel Huygen Elixir cd
Michel Huygen En busca del misterio cd
Michel Huygen Intimo cd
Mimetic Dancing The changing room/electric fur 2cd
Mimetic Desire Sacred aim dvd
Mlada Fronta Every thing 10cd
Mochipet Feel my china cd
Mochipet Uzumaki mcd
Modul Re-cutting edge cdr
Mono No Aware Kataku cd
Monokrom Monokrom cd
Monokrom Tales of rabbits and hares cd
Monoton Eight lost tracks cd
Morgan Packard Airships fill the sky cd+dvd
Morgenstern Two different faces cd
Morph Stormwatch cd
Ms Gentur First chapter cd
Msb Slow martian beat mx
Msbr & Die Lebensmittelvergiftung Split mlp
Muslimgauze Dome of the rock (promo) cd
Nad Spiro Vs. Enemigos de helix cd
Narwal The album lp
Nattefrost De som sejrede… & Vejen til asgard 2cd
Needle Sharing My kind came first cd
Netz Werk02 cd
Neuronium From Madrid to heaven lp
Neuronium Jamais vu cd
Neuronium Nocny lot - live in Poland 2cd
Neuronium Numerica cd
Neuronium Olim cd
Neuronium Supranatural lp
Neutral Caller id cd
Neutral Driving backwards mx
Neutral Motion of cd
Nightmare Lodge Negative planet cd
Nimoy The spark 7"
Nocturnal Emissions Autonomia cd
Node Node 2 cd
Noisex Over & out cd
Norm Was der mensch braucht cd
Normotone Inward structures cd
Not Breathing The black old pueblo cd
Novo Konstruktivism cd
Octavcat Dropping waves cdr
Odyssey X-space odyssey 2cd
Ontayso Score of an imaginary iceland cd
Orbital In sides cd
Orbital Orbital 1 cd
Orbital Orbital 2 cd
Orbital Snivilisation cd
Orbital The altogether cd
Orbital The middle of nowhere cd
Origamimetic Origamimetic cd
Orphx Insurgent flows cd
Orphx The living tissue cd
Orphx Vita mediativa cd
Orphx & The Infant Cycle Interference 3"cd
P.A.L. Live at 2:00 a.m. cd
P.A.L. Play at 2:00 a.m. mx
P.A.L. Release box cd+3"cd
P.A.L. Remote 7"
Pan Sonic A cd
Parallel Worlds Obsessive surrealism cd
Pascal Languirand De harmonia universalia lp
Pascal Languirand Vivre ici maintenant lp
Passarani Unspeakable future outbreaks cd
Patrick Kosmos Comet's tale cd
Paul Ellis Appears to vanish cd
Paul Schutze Apart 2cd
Paul Vnuk Jr. Silence speaks in shadow cd
Peru Constellations cd
Pete Namlook Atom cd
Pete Namlook Music for babies cd
Pete Namlook Namlook XVI - New organic life cd
Pete Namlook & Dr. Atmo Silence I + II 2cd
Pete Namlook & Jonah Sharp Alien community I + II 2cd
Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue Shades of Orion cd
Peter Mergener Instinctive traveller cd
Peter Mergener Noises in the sky cd
Peter Mergener Nox mystica cd+dvd
Peter Mergener & Michael Weisser Beam-scape lp
Peter Rehberg Kapotte muziek mcd
Phasen Phasen cdr
Philip Glass Glassworks cd
Philip Glass Music in twelve parts 3cd
Philip Glass Music with changing parts cd
Philip Glass Photographer cd
Phillip Wilkerson The stars and afterward cd
Phycus X 3lp
Pimmon Assembler cd
Pineal Gland & Salt-Winterkalte Global pattern 7"
Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese Dawn-rise-death cd
Pita Early works mcd
Placid Skull ov a pussy cd
Planetary Assault Systems Electric funk machine cd
Plaster Double connection mcd
Plaster Platforms cd
Plaster Zyprex 500 cd
Polygon Window Surfing on sine waves cd
Pow(D)Er Pussy Just 2 annoy you mcd
Pow(D)Er Pussy Six ways from sunday cd
Project The Three Antimother cd
Propellerheads Decksanddrumsandrockandroll cd
Protozoo Hevene quene cd
Proyecto Mirage Do not look at me mlp
Proyecto Mirage Gas alarm cd
Proyecto Mirage Gimme your energy cd
Proyecto Mirage Proyecto mirage cd
Proyecto Mirage Two tons of rubble box cd+7"
Prozack Tan lejos cd
Punch Inc. Rush hour cd
Pure Noonbugs cd
Pure & Ultramilkmaids S[e]nd cd
Purpose Maker Circus mx
Purpose Maker Live series mx
Purpose Maker Vanishing flot mx
Q_Ix Delayfull cd
Quantum Leap Fotoplay cd
Quench Punctuated cd
Radboud Mens Alr100n8oo cd
Radio Massacre International Emissaries 2cd
Radio Massacre International Frozen north 2cd
Radio Massacre International Knutsford in may cd
Radio Massacre International Organ harvest cd
Radio Massacre International Rain falls in grey cd
Radio Massacre International Republic cd
Radio Massacre International Time & motion 2cd
Radium Arkos cd
Rafael Flores Nubes, cometas, rumores y orugas cd
Randy Greif & Dan Burke Fragment 56 cd
Rasputeen Gegen die wand cd
Redshift Colder cd
Redshift Faultline cd
Redshift Last cd
Redshift Life to come cd
Redshift Redshift cd
Redshift Toll cd
Redshift Turning towards us cd
Redshift Wild 2 cd
Reload A collection of short stories cd
Remote_ Vs Ontayso Celestion cdr
Renu Into the skyland cdr
Reporter Estrabico & Alex Fx Smlxl 3"cd
Resistance D Ztringz of life 2lp
Resonic Lunatico mx
Retic Saturn day trajectory cd
Retrochet Retrochet I cdr
Retrochet Retrochet II cdr
Retrochet Retrochet III cdr
Richard Bone Cape horn & unknown waters dvd
Richard Bone Indium dvd
Richard Bone Infinite plastic creation dvd
Richard Bone Omyma/the healing whisper dvd
Richard Bone Short waves dvd
Richard Bone Somaia arafa & the shadowlands dvd
Richard Bone The ambient video collection 2005 dvd
Richard Bone The vesperia videos dvd
Richard Burmer Mosaic cd
Richard H. Kirk Black Jesus voice lp
Richard Vimal Aquarythmies lp
Rob(U)Rang & Friends Rob(u)rang & friends cd
Robert Fox The fire and the rose cd
Robert Hood & John Thomas Square remix mx
Robert Rich Gaudi cd
Robert Rich Humidity 3cd
Robert Rich Inner landscapes cd
Robert Rich Numena + Geometry 2cd
Robert Rich Somnium dvd
Robert Rich Trances & Drones 2cd
Robert Rich & Ian Boddy Lithosphere cd
Robert Rich & Ian Boddy React cd
Robert Schroeder Computer voice cd
Robert Schroeder Driftin cd
Robert Schroeder Floating music lp
Robert Schroeder Galaxie cygnus-a lp
Robert Schroeder Timewaves cd
Rogue Element Premonition cd
Rogue Element Storm passage cdr
Ron Boots Area movements cd
Rudiger Lorenz Atoll cd
Rudiger Lorenz Coral sea cd
Rudiger Lorenz Invisible voices cd
Rudiger Lorenz Pazifica cd
Rudiger Lorenz The last secret of poseidon lp
Rudolf Heimann Trancefusion cd
Rudy Adrian & Ron Boots Across the silver river cd
Ruelgo Vorace lp
Russell Storey A light years journey cd
Russell Storey Aquamorphesis cd
Russell Storey Berlin via betelgeuze cd
Russell Storey Cosmic kiwi cd
Russell Storey Dragon flight cd
Russell Storey Dreams and visions cd
Russell Storey Earth star cd
Russell Storey Eclipse cd
Russell Storey Mariner cd
Russell Storey Transglobal friendship cd
Ryoji Ikeda 0Âşc cd
Salt Re.klad 7"
Salt Re.wasp box 3"cd
Salt Tank Science & nature 3lp
Santi Pico Miskatonic II lp
Santi Vega & Eva Gancedo Audiovisual works cd
Saul Stokes Outfolding cd
Scaldis For starters cdr
Scanner Delivery cd
Schachtanlage Gegenort Erzengel cd
Shorai Sounds without souls cd
Sideral Mil parsecs cd
Silk Saw 4th dividers cd
Silk Saw Preparing wars cd
Silk Saw Walksongs mlp
Silo 10 Silo 10 cd
Sina Back in stereo 3"cd
Sket Aktivist cd
Sketch Show Loophole cd
Skincage Things fall apart cd
Skipsapiens Eco cd
Skzieve Ekranoplanes 3"cd
Snog Relax into the abyss cd
Solitaire Ritual ground cd
Somatic Responses Accidental happiness cd
Somatic Responses Augmented lines cd
Somatic Responses Dying language cd
Somatic Responses Giauzar cd
Somatic Responses Pounded mass cd
Somatic Responses Touching the void cd
Sona Eact Chrome injected car crash rhytm boxx cd
Sona Eact Engine works inc cd
Sona Eact Hard industrial loop check cd
Spacecraft Cibersphere cd
Spacecraft Earthtime tapestry cd
Spacecraft Hummel cd
Spacecraft Spacecraft cd
Spacecraft Summer town cd
Speedy J Loudboxer cd
Spicelab Lost in spice cd
Sshe Retina Stimulants Hadaka 7"
Starfish Pool Illusions of move - chapter red mx
Starfish Pool The illusions of move - the golden cycle cd
Stefan Tiedje Polyrische variationen cd
Stefan Tischler Excess of free speech cd
Steve Dinsdale The vast key cdr
Steve Hillman Matrix cd
Steve Mcdonald Spinfield cd
Steve Roach A deeper silence cd
Steve Roach All is now 2cd
Steve Roach Arc of passion 2cd
Steve Roach Artifacts cd
Steve Roach Atmospheric conditions cd
Steve Roach Darkest before dawn cd
Steve Roach Dynamic stillness 2cd
Steve Roach Early man 2cd
Steve Roach Fever dreams 1 cd
Steve Roach Fever dreams 2 cd
Steve Roach Fever dreams 3 2cd
Steve Roach Immersion 3 3cd
Steve Roach Journey of one 2cd
Steve Roach Landmass cd
Steve Roach Life sequence cd
Steve Roach Live at Grace cathedral 2cd
Steve Roach Midnight moon cd
Steve Roach New life dreaming cd
Steve Roach On this planet cd
Steve Roach Origins cd
Steve Roach Quiet music 3cd
Steve Roach Sigh of ages cd
Steve Roach Slow heat cd
Steve Roach Space and time cd
Steve Roach Storm surge cd
Steve Roach Streams & currents cd
Steve Roach Structures from silence cd
Steve Roach Texture maps - the lost pieces vol.3 cd
Steve Roach The dream circle cd
Steve Roach The lost pieces cd
Steve Roach The magnificent void cd
Steve Roach Truth & beauty : the lost pieces volume 2 cd
Steve Roach World's edge 2cd
Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf The serpent´s lair 2cd
Steve Roach & D. Hudson & S. Hopkins Australia:sound of the earth cd
Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes Vine ~ bark & spore cd
Steve Roach & K. Braheny & M. Stearns Desert solitaire cd
Steve Roach & Robert Rich Soma cd
Steve Roach & Robert Rich Strata cd
Steve Roach & Roger King Dust to dust cd
Steve Roach & Thupten Pema Lama Prayers to the protector cd
Steve Roach & Vidnaobmana Cavern of sirens cd
Steve Roach & Vidnaobmana Circles & artifacts (cd-rom data+music) cd
Steve Roach & Vidnaobmana Innerzone cd
Steve Roach & Vidnaobmana Spirit dome - live archive 2cd
Steve Roach & Vidnaobmana Well of souls 2cd
Stin Scatzor Industro 7"
Stratosphere The introspective spaces 3"cd
Stromlinie Tunnel 10"
Stupor Bete noir cd
Sturqen Colera mcd
Sturqen Peste mcd
Sturqen Praga cd
Sturqen & Kotra Luz mcd
Subsonic Experience Praposition cd
Substanz-T Electric opium cd
Substanz-T Tripped experiences cd
Superficial Depth Digital superimposing cd
Surface 10 Surface tensions cd
Surge First cd
Surgeon Balance cd
Surya Emissions cd
Susumu Yokota Cat, mouse and me cd
Sven Vath Accident in paradise cd
Synapscape Positive pop box cd+3x10"
Synapscape Rage cd
Synapscape Raw cd
Synapscape So what 2cd
Synco Evolution of events cd
Synco Reincarnation in a superior system cd
Syndromeda A day in the fields cd
Syndromeda Creatures from the inner 2cd
Syndromeda In touch with the stars cd
Syndromeda Metaphysical experiences cd
Syndromeda The alien abduction phenomenon cd
Synergy Games lp
Synergy Metropolitan suite lp
Synnack V2 cd
Synthetik Technology cd
T.A.G.C. Digitaria cd
Talvekoidik Silent reflections cd
Tamas Laboratorium Living structures cd
Tangerine Dream 220 volt live cd
Tangerine Dream Alpha-centaury cd
Tangerine Dream Atem cd
Tangerine Dream Atlantic bridges cd
Tangerine Dream Atlantic walls cd
Tangerine Dream Canyon dreams cd
Tangerine Dream Canyon dreams VHS
Tangerine Dream Rumpelstilskin VHS
Tangerine Dream Cyclone cd
Tangerine Dream Dead solid perfect cd
Tangerine Dream Encore cd
Tangerine Dream Finnegans wake cd
Tangerine Dream Flashpoint lp
Tangerine Dream Goblins club cd
Tangerine Dream Green desert cd
Tangerine Dream Heartbreakers lp
Tangerine Dream L´affaire wallraff cd
Tangerine Dream Mars polaris cd
Tangerine Dream Melrose cd
Tangerine Dream Oasis cd
Tangerine Dream Quinoa cd
Tangerine Dream Rockoon cd
Tangerine Dream Stratosphere cd
Tangerine Dream Tournado cd
Tangerine Dream Turn of the tides cd
Tangerine Dream Tyger cd
Tangerine Dream Valentine wheels cd
Tangerine Dream Zeit cd
Telepherique Horspiele cd
Telepherique Mail-art orchestra cd
Telepherique Nerv.sys 2cd
Telepherique V=s/t cd
Telerotor Modern times cd
Telex More than distance lp
Telomere Astral currents cd
Telomere Lux primordia cd
Telomere The stellar sea cd
Telomere Zoetosis cd
Templegarden´S Done rooms cd
Templegarden´S Ov 7"
Temps Perdu ? The day the earth melted 3"cd
Terminal Sound System Rh-8sb cd
Terry Burrows The whispering scale lp
Tetsu Inoue Yolo cd
The Future Sound Of London Accelerator cd
The Future Sound Of London Dead cities cd
The Future Sound Of London Isdn cd
The Future Sound Of London Lifeforms 2cd
The Glimmer Room Grey mirrors cd
The Glimmer Room Tomorrow's tuesday cd
The Hafler Trio Four ways of saying five - 1986 cd
The Keyprocessor & Tv-99-Ad Assembled (014/015) cd
The Klinik Akhet 2cd
The Klinik & Vidna Obmana Glutony cd
The Ministry Of Inside Things Ambient elsewhere 2cd
The Ministry Of Inside Things Contact point cd
The Ministry Of Inside Things Everlasting moment 2cd
The Omega Sindicate Analogue waves cd
The Omega Sindicate Apocalypse cd
The Omega Sindicate Phonosphere cd
The Orb Orblivion cd
The Orb Orbvs terrarvm cd
The Orb U.f.orb cd
The Roswell Incident Hunted cdr
Thieves Of Impressions Trifolium-the autumn catharsis 7"
Thom Brennan Beneath clouds cd
Thom Brennan Mountains cdr
Thom Brennan Silver cd
Thom Brennan The path not taken 3"cd
Thomas Dimuzio Mono::poly 2cd
Tim Boone Swimming in the clouds of the summit cd
Tim Story Wheat and rust lp
Tol Trap cd
Totakeke Elekatota: the other side of the tracks cd
Touchxtone Two cd
Trans-Global Underground Dream of 100 nations cd
Tuu The frozen lands 3"cd
Typhoid Destinazione magnetica cd
Typhoid The seclusion mx
Ultra Milkmaids Disco 2k ep 10"
Ultra Milkmaids Lands 3"cd
Ultra Milkmaids Peps cd
Ultra Milkmaids Pop pressing cd
Ultraphonist Discover the antistress with... cd
Ultravox Monument cd
Under The Dome Bellerophon cd
Under The Dome Dome roots collection cdr
Under The Dome Over the pond cdr
Under The Dome The demon haunted world cdr
Under The Dome Wot no Colin cdr
Underworld Second toughest in the infants 2cd
Usb Depth cd
V/A 1654 the cave I 1654 the cave I cd
V/A 2005 Hands 2005 Hands + mixed hands 3cd
V/A 40 wings 40 wings lp
V/A 49/69 glammour 49/69 glammour mx
V/A Angst Angst 2cd
V/A Ant-hology Ant-hology box 2cd
V/A Audioscope Audioscope, electronic music from Madrid cd
V/A Belio-war Belio-war cd
V/A Berlin unwrapped Berlin unwrapped 5mx
V/A Carbon Carbon cd
V/A Chrom de la chrom Chrom de la chrom cd
V/A C-Lektor C-Lektor lp
V/A Communication problems Communication problems mx
V/A Daruma Daruma 2cd
V/A Elektronik beats Elektronik beats cd
V/A Emerging organisms Emerging organisms 1 2cd
V/A Forms of hands Forms of hands 3 cd
V/A Forms of hands Forms of hands 4 cd
V/A Harmonized Harmonized cd
V/A Harthouse Harthouse 3 cd
V/A Inoteka & Capp Inoteka & Capp present dance traxx v.1.0 cd
V/A Interference festival Interference festival 2cd
V/A Kontrast Kontrast 5x7"
V/A Logic trance Logic trance 2 2cd
V/A Macro dub infection Macro dub infection 1 2cd
V/A Maschinenfest Maschinenfest 2000 2cd
V/A Maschinenfest Maschinenfest 2001 2cd
V/A Maschinenfest Maschinenfest 2003 2cd
V/A Maschinenfest Maschinenfest 2005 2cd
V/A Maschinenfest Maschinenfest 2006 2cd
V/A Maschinenfest Maschinenfest 2007 2cd
V/A Maschinenfest Maschinenfest 2008 2cd
V/A Maschinenfest Maschinenfest 2009 2cd
V/A Maschinenfest Maschinenfest 2010 2cd
V/A Maschinenfest Maschinenfest 2012 2cd
V/A Maschinenfest Maschinenfest 2013 2cd
V/A Masonic Masonic 2cd
V/A Musicas desde el abismo Musicas desde el abismo 1 cd
V/A Musicas desde el abismo Musicas desde el abismo 2 cd
V/A Musicas desde el abismo Musicas desde el abismo 3 cd
V/A Musicas desde el abismo Musicas desde el abismo 4 2cd
V/A Musicas desde el abismo Musicas desde el abismo 5 cd
V/A Musicas desde el abismo Musicas desde el abismo 6 cd
V/A Musicas desde el abismo Musicas desde el abismo 7 cd
V/A Musicas desde el abismo Musicas desde el abismo 8 cd
V/A Musicas desde el abismo Musicas desde el abismo 9 cd
V/A Mutek Mutek 02 cd
V/A Mutek Mutek 04 2cd
V/A Mutek Mutek 2001 cd
V/A Networks Networks 3 cd
V/A Qwartz Qwartz 2 3cd
V/A Qwartz Qwartz 5 3cd
V/A Qwartz Qwartz 6 3cd
V/A Reconstruct the caos Reconstruct the caos cd
V/A Rising high Rising high trance injection 2cd
V/A Silentes Silentes 2004-2009 BOX 14cd
V/A Soundscape gallery Soundscape gallery 1 cd
V/A Soundscape gallery Soundscape gallery 2 cd
V/A Space´n´bass Space´n´bass 12cd
V/A Teknoir Teknoir 2cd
V/A Thunderdome Thunderdome 06 2cd
V/A Tigerbeat6 inc. Tigerbeat6 inc. 2cd
V/A Trance atlantic Trance atlantic 2 2cd
V/A Trancemaster Trancemaster 11 2cd
V/A Trancerave ultra Trancerave ultra cd
V/A Untitled (ten) Untitled (ten) 2cd
V/A Volt-aa Volt-aa 2cd
Vanderson Synthetic breath cd
Vanderson Visions cd
Vangelis Antarctica lp
Vangelis Beaubourg lp
Vangelis Opera sauvage lp
Vangelis Spiral lp
Vapourspace Themes from vapourspace cd
Veruschka The secret 10"
Vestige Vertical Vestige vertical cd
Vidna Obmana Crossing the trail cd
Vidna Obmana Legacy cd
Vidna Obmana Memories compiled 1 2cd
Vidna Obmana Memories compiled 2 2cd
Vidna Obmana Subterranean collective 2cd
Vidna Obmana Twilight of perception cd
Vidna Obmana & Alio Die Echo passage cd
Volt Far canal cd
Volt Star compass cd
Volt Thru the rings cd
Vromb Emission pilote cd
Vromb Episodes cd
Vromb Jeux de terre cd
Vromb Le tourne-disque 3"cd
Vromb Rayons cd
Vromb & Francoeur Avant ailleurs cd
Wilt Radio 1940 2cd
Winterkalte Drum´n´noise box cd
Winterkalte Greenwar 3"cd
Winterkalte Structures of destruction cd
Winterkalte Winterkalte cd
Wizard Projects Beyond the galaxy cd
Wizard Projects Ten minute warning cd
Wizard Projects Tormenting whitout hatred cd
X-101 X-101 cd
X3 Menscape cd
X3 Rainbows end cd
Xabec Schneegarden lp
Xebox Mechanical structures cd
Xenonics K-30 Automated cd
Xingu Hill Alterity cd
Xingu Hill & M2 This anxious space cd
Xotox & Detune-X We are deaf cd
Yamaoka Build on water cdr
YMO Service cd
YMO Solid state survivor cd
Yvat Extant cdr
Zeller Turbulences cd
Zymosiz Virust cd
Zzznrrr Intra auricular box lp+7"

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:53 pm    (No subject) Reply with quoteBack to top

CD prices, on average?
There's no such thing in the world as the right decision.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:27 am    (No subject) Reply with quoteBack to top

No prices. Only bids at lakinfol@gmail.com
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:19 am    (No subject) Reply with quoteBack to top

I'll get the bidding going at $1 for the lot.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:12 pm    (No subject) Reply with quoteBack to top

I don't want them all!

Can't imagine anyone who would....

Postage alone would be killing Confused

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:53 pm    (No subject) Reply with quoteBack to top

That's a certainly fine collection of electronic music... Shocked

Surely Ebay (even with all of it's faults)
would be a better place sell these,
with perhaps a link to the sellers page posted here on the forum....
.... just a thought Smile

Or discogs for that matter... Wink

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:49 pm    (No subject) Reply with quoteBack to top

Just bought 5 CDs from this guy. Got them after a week or so.
There's no such thing in the world as the right decision.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:53 pm    (No subject) Reply with quoteBack to top

Here's his account at Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/seller/Christorm/profile

Craig Padilla Crystal garden €180
Craig Padilla The eye of the storm €50
Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy Planetary elements 2 €95
Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy Reflections in mercury €180
Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy Temporal suspension €100

Something interesting is priced absolutely unreal.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:27 pm    (No subject) Reply with quoteBack to top

Thankfully, I didn't pay too much for the 5 CDs I bought.
There's no such thing in the world as the right decision.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:48 am    (No subject) Reply with quoteBack to top

« wmri » wrote:
Here's his account at Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/seller/Christorm/profile

Craig Padilla Crystal garden €180
Craig Padilla The eye of the storm €50
Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy Planetary elements 2 €95
Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy Reflections in mercury €180
Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy Temporal suspension €100

Something interesting is priced absolutely unreal.

Woo-hoo, pretty brave to ask such fairly steep prices. Thanks but I think I will pass.

Glad I didn't enquire within.


"The things you own end up owning you." (Tyler Durden -- Fight Club)

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