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BruecknerAmbient - Sun Jun 02, 2024 11:09 am
Post subject: M. Brückner - SHEEP ASLEEP - Album Trailer on YT
Dear friends,

a couple of releases are imminent - one of them being "Sheep Asleep", a solo album with fairly experimental music most of which I had recorded in 2008 already (one track in 2003 even, and another - a very long one - in 2024).
I think it can be described as a mix of dark ambient and late 60s avant-garde electronica, with some elements of industrial thrown in, and even dance beats at one or two occasions...

The album will be released as a digital download at the net label Grim Goat.
Also, there will be a 2-CD set available from the merch section of my own Bandcamp page.

This is the album trailer on YT:


Hope You're going to like it. Smile


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