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BruecknerAmbient - Thu Dec 23, 2021 9:50 pm
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As announced earlier - here it is today:

My new ambient offer HYMNS TO THE DAWN, part three in the ongoing series "Drones, Atmospheres & Dreamscapes".



Available as digital download (optionally in 24 bit) and as a limited edition of 44 six-panel digipacks, with beautiful and evocative visual art by Canadian artist and photographer Steven Leak.

The release also includes an extended bonus track co-written by my daughter Hannah, and featuring her on flute...


CyclicalDreams - Wed Jan 05, 2022 10:31 pm
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excelso, Maestro 👏👏👏
BruecknerAmbient - Sun Jan 09, 2022 11:15 am
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« CyclicalDreams » wrote:
excelso, Maestro 👏👏👏

Muchas Gracias! Smile

BruecknerAmbient - Wed Jan 12, 2022 10:38 pm
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I'm happy to announce that finally, the limited digipak edition arrived at my place, after some delays on the part of the manufacturer (due to Covid-induced paper shortage, I was told...).

They just look and sound exactly like intended, so I'm rather pleased with the result... Cool

To give You a better idea, here are a few pictures (these are not photos of the actual digipaks though but computer simulatons - but they are quite close anyway, perhaps the colours did turn out a tad darker in print...

The three outside panels:


Inside panels with CD:


Inside panels without CD:


Just the CD:


Some quick smartphone photos of the real thing(s) can be found on my Facebook page(s). There's also a short video:


BruecknerAmbient - Fri Feb 04, 2022 10:07 pm
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BruecknerAmbient - Mon Mar 14, 2022 10:50 am
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Siggy Zielinski of the German prog review page Babyblaue Seiten recently wrote a witty and positive review of "Hymns to the Dawn".

Read Siggy's original (German) review here, or my (rough) English translation just below:


* * *

"The unusual story of the creation of "Hymns To The Dawn" is probably only possible in this form within the sub-genre of electronic music or in jazz, where you can generate entire albums quite quickly as a lone, fast and efficient electronic tinkerer, or as a well improvising jazz combo. In addition, one must also be blessed with empathic abilities, which probably applies to the electronic musician Michael Brückner from Mainz.

Because a music lover had to wait a long time for an extensive order due to shipping reasons, Brückner recorded the present ambient CD as a compensation, which has been given the subtitle "Drones, Atmospheres and Dreamscapes Vol. 3", and not without good reason. As is often the case with Brückner, much of the music now used for "Hymns To The Dawn" was slumbering in Brückner's (presumably) huge archive. He "only" had to find the corresponding parts and put them together "correctly".

It is important to Brückner that his dreamscapes and drones are not confused with wellness music, or even mistaken for such. After listening to "Hymns To The Dawn", I find Brückner's concern completely justified.

Brückner's ambient music on "Hymns To The Dawn" is dominated by meditative and calm moods, but there is still a considerable intensity in the music. The mysterious atmosphere created by the virtual choir chants alone is typical of the best works of the so-called Berlin School. Organ-like sounds and voice-like effects sometimes lend the music a pleasantly eerie note. It is perhaps still a hymn for the sunrise (see also album title), but presumably on an alien planet whose landscapes would seem exotic, or slightly threatening to us. Only from about part 7 does the music become a little more relaxed and ambient. The ninth part probably cultivates the traditions of piano-oriented ambient music in the spirit of Harold Budd and the like.

So it's mostly completely unsuitable as wellness music, and that's on purpose. In the best moments, it is more conceivable as music to wake up aliens in the constellation of the centaur.

Those ambient electronic friends who order "Hymns To The Dawn" from the artist will be sent a bonus CD-R containing the two-part piece "The Gift", recorded by the duo Michael and Hannah Brückner.

Both parts of "The Gift", the first about 60 minutes long, the second about 16 minutes long, contain the flute contributions of Hannah the daughter. (Only the first part is available as a download).
Originally, these are the same flute contributions, which have been edited differently in the respective pieces and provided with different effects.
The music on "The Gift Part 1" is partly more oriented towards the Berlin School, in that it is sometimes provided with sequencer motifs or discreet electronic rhythms. The comparatively complex rhythm of "The Gift Part 2", which resembles a drum kit, brings the piece close to a relaxed space jam for me, with the flute in the solo role.

10 (of 15) points"

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