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BruecknerAmbient - Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:45 pm
Post subject: Michael Brückner - "Newsletter" (various updates)
Just posted this update about my humble musical endeavours (some of them also involving some musical friends) over at FB and thought maybe it's also of interest to some of You here...

At the moment it seems to be a good time to finally finish a couple of musical projects that have (rather) silently been growing in the pipeline for months, partly even years. Some of them (most, actually) will - provided everything works out as planned - see the light of day still this year...

For example:

I have just finished working on the covers of two new albums (one of them featuring amazing artwork by masterful fantasy artist Andreas Schwietzke) - one of them will be my next release on Syngate, entitled "Trees of Olivandá" - quite a traditional EM offering, lot's of sequencing, soloing and chirping space effects.

The other one will be the debut album of "La Mansarde Hermétique" (the ambient/electronica improvisation duo constituted of Mathias Brüssel and myself...). There will be a free digital release of "The Hâunted Attic" on a net label (not entirely sure which one at the moment, will be announced soon) - and we're probably offer a small CD-r edition via Bandcamp (because we like the complete CD artwork so much... 🤣 )

Another project which - just like the other two - is already completely recorded and mastered and in fact is just waiting for it's turn to be released by the label (still secret which one!) is a deep ambient opus with beautiful melodic, and partly "cinematic" passages, by Hans-Dieter Schmidt and myself.
Actually, I'm looking ESPECIALLY much forward to this release - it will be on REAL (industrially pressed) CD, it was mastered by a master of his trade, and is in my opinion one of the best albums I have been involved so far - I'm really proud of it!

Mr. Green

Concerning this project, it also has to be announced that we decided to release it (and hopefully more albums in the future) under the "band" name "Bridge to Imla"...

But there's still going to be more: an album by Volker Lankow and myself, on which we were working on and off for quite a while, is nearly finished, too. It features Volkers virtuoso, inventive and dynamic percussion playing paired with lush ambient soundscapes and hypnotic sequencing. And: it's also going to feature a contribution by Australian singer and flute player Suzannah Moon! Smile

While all this is going on, Tommy Betzler, Sammy David and myself also continued working on our next album - basically the follow-up to Betzler & Brückner's "Triplet" BUT also in this case, we have made up our minds to release this and future albums under a new band name, in the first place due to the fact that Sammy has become a full time member by now - and maybe more musicians will join us on stage in the future - and we don't think an endless row of names makes for a sexy project name... Wink What exactly the new band name will be will be announced soon...

This project also has been invited to two upcoming festivals (one in October, the other in 2018), however there seems to be still a slight confusion about exact dates, so while there are no official announcements, for the moment I just mention this "underhand"...

Also still in the pipeline is another collab with a rather well-known ambient musician, due next Spring hopefully. A weath of material has already been recorded for this project, however has still to find it's final shape...

This much just to say that I have not been lazy... Wink

Thanks for Your attention! Smile


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