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Thanks René and Happy Easter on this occasion! Smile

BruecknerAmbient - Wed Apr 26, 2017 6:07 pm
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Reviewer Michael PH has been kind (again!) and blessed my guests and me with this very favourable review of "All The Pieces Fit Forever" for progarchives.com! Smile

Michael says that...

"...six very different musical artists all offered their own input and completely reworked the original recordings in a variety of fascinating ways! It now stands as one of the most unique works released from Brückner to date that offers a definite modern approach and contemporary electronic sound mixed with a range of rich worldly flavours and also includes some unexpected instrument choices."

He further came to the conclusion that...

"`All The Pieces Fit Forever 2017' is a winning, evocative and colourful musical statement well worth investigating, made even more enchanting by its fine range of guests."

Read the full and detailed review here:



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