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Cousin Silas & M. Brückner - PASSAGES - New video on YT
by BruecknerAmbient on Sun Jun 02, 2024 11:15 am
M. Brückner - SHEEP ASLEEP - Album Trailer on YT
by BruecknerAmbient on Sun Jun 02, 2024 11:09 am
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Cousin Silas & M. Brückner - PASSAGES - New video on YT
Posted Sun Jun 02, 2024 11:15 am by BruecknerAmbient
New releases Dear friends,

a release which I'm looking especially forward to, because we planned to do that since more than ten years, now finally will come true - my first collaborative album with well-known English ambient guitarist and composer Cousin Silas!

It will be a double CD (as well as a download version), with a soothing blend of ambient and Berlin School, and here is the "video single" from this, "Passages":


Hope You like it!


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M. Brückner - SHEEP ASLEEP - Album Trailer on YT
Posted Sun Jun 02, 2024 11:09 am by BruecknerAmbient
New releases Dear friends,

a couple of releases are imminent - one of them being "Sheep Asleep", a solo album with fairly experimental music most of which I had recorded in 2008 already (one track in 2003 even, and another - a very long one - in 2024).
I think it can be described as a mix of dark ambient and late 60s avant-garde electronica, with some elements of industrial thrown in, and even dance beats at one or two occasions...

The album will be released as a digital download at the net label Grim Goat.
Also, there will be a 2-CD set available from the merch section of my own Bandcamp page.

This is the album trailer on YT:


Hope You're going to like it. Smile


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Three Trajectories by Paul Ellis - Cyclical Dreams
Posted Fri May 24, 2024 3:51 am by CyclicalDreams
New releases Bandcamp: https://cyclicaldreams.bandcamp.com/album/three-trajectories-cyd-0107

CD edition: https://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00Z3DVYF&pp=1
All CD editions: https://kunaki.com/msales.asp?PublisherId=173070&pp=1

This is an album of three trilogies.(Or three pieces with three distinct sections each.)

A tapestry of sound. Ethereal and robust. The album seamlessly blends colorful ambient textures with pulsating rhythms, creating an ecstatic sonic landscape that opens internal worlds. Each track is a sonic exploration into the unknown, inviting you to drift within the hypnotic melodies and celestial harmonies. Each track is carefully crafted with layers that evoke glimpses of the vastness of space and the mysteries that lie beyond.
released May 24, 2024

Music Composed, Arranged, Performed & Produced by Paul Ellis
Mixed & Mastered by Paul Ellis

Artwork: Cyclical Dreams
Photography: Amp Puttipong
fb: amp.puttipong

Paul Ellis on Cyclical Dreams:

Music For The Space Between Atoms: https://cyclicaldreams.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-the-space-between-atoms-cyd-0081

The Interior Rhythms: https://cyclicaldreams.bandcamp.com/album/the-interior-rhythms-cyd-0036

Pulse Width: https://cyclicaldreams.bandcamp.com/album/pulse-width-cyd-0052

Clouds and Terrain: chttps://yclicaldreams.bandcamp.com/album/clouds-and-terrain-cyd-0066


(Read more)
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WavemansUnderground EM/Ambient show + E Circus Musicians
Posted Sat May 18, 2024 1:04 pm by waveman2.3
EM News Friday 24.05.2024 a normal show, Ambient, Sequencer etc. http://www.underground-aexpaerten.de/radio1/
or radiosunrise.de

"Start: 20.00-23.30 / 7pm-10.30pm(UK) / 2-5.30pm(US) EST"
You are welcome in the chat.....just a name and guest

Bert Strolenberg's "Sonic Immersion" https://www.sonicimmersion.org/ is for me the main info according interviews and background information!

E Circus (Summer Edition) is this year in Borgholshauzen(D) see the flyer and musicians who perform there......HahA, in the backgarden of Stephen Parsick who also is in the list with music from 1991 "polarity redux"


(Read more)
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