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syndae - episode 480
EM News Poster: treibklang - Date: Fri May 24, 2019 7:59 pm
Here I go with a really colourful show this time presenting a variety of electronic music impressions of current and coming releases. To me, sounds are like paint, and depending on ones taste it's a different set of colours one likes in viewing as well as listening. And the wider the range, the better. At least to me it is. So I hope you enjoy tonight's tracks as much as I, which are by Schiller ft. Schwarz (Morgenstund), Thomas Lemmer & Christoph Sebastian Pabst (Meerblick), Suns of Arqa (Heart of Suns 1979 to 2019), Robert Fox (Phoenix Rising), Erik Wøllo (Project - Sprint 2019), Rudolf Heimann (The Sound of Syndae).

Colour is key on

Yours, Stefan
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OMD, 40 years ago today...
EM News Poster: Vignoble @ Co. - Date: Tue May 21, 2019 2:11 pm
“40 years ago today we released our debut single Electricity via Factory Records (catalogue number FAC 6). Later this year we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary with a variety of releases and concerts. More details of the releases will follow in the coming weeks and months.”
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Modular Set on YouTube
EM News Poster: ianboddy - Date: Mon May 20, 2019 8:05 pm
A set in my favourite record store, Sound It Out in Stockton-on-Tees. Performed on 18/5/19 the day after the official release date of my double live album Altair (DiN59). Please like & subscribe if you feel so inclined.

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neuland - baumann and haslinger
EM News Poster: modulator_esp - Date: Sun May 19, 2019 1:45 pm
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EM News Poster: DP75 - Date: Sat May 18, 2019 3:07 pm
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Etherfysh - Ochre (New Album)
EM News Poster: Etherfysh1 - Date: Sat May 18, 2019 12:06 pm
Sonically different from previous Etherfysh albums. Ochre is the result of a series of single session recordings rendered during April 2019. Bristling with an earthier darker sound palette Ochre invokes a kosmische-electronic journey through percolating sequences, drones, string machine/mellotron and synthi layers. And space. Lots of space!

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New Release (2019)
EM News Poster: BrianVassalloMUSIC - Date: Thu May 16, 2019 7:32 am


for further information check here

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New album by eric g: Piezolake
New releases Poster: Eric G - Date: Sat May 11, 2019 7:34 pm
Please find my new album at


Promo video:
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Sequel to Hydrolux
EM News Poster: Daniel - Date: Wed May 08, 2019 10:30 pm
I am sure Ava would not object to me re-posting this here:

Dear listeners,
more than 10 years after the album "Hydrolux" I'm recently working on "Hydrolux ABYSS", again inspired by Jarre's typical phaser loaded soundscapes from the mid 70s. Here you can listen to Part I. Enjoy! Smile

Release approx. in autumn 2019. If all works fine...


Give it a spin, the music is lush and the video amazing!
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Flux&Pulse Festival in Berlin
Concert News Poster: bewoest - Date: Tue May 07, 2019 11:47 am
I know it is already quite a bit on a very short notice, but I'd like to announce that small festival here anyway:

3 days of Ambient, Electro, Berlin School & Jazz at Wolfram Spyra's venue "WorldWideWindow" on the occasion of the Superbooth 2019

Mi. - 8.5.2019 Both Warming

Marcel Krömker
(kontrabass Solo + Video Performance)

Hajo Liese & Spyra

Der Elektronist

Dj DIgest
Do. - 9.5.2019 Acoustic Intermezzo

Grgur Savic
(Saxophone + Video Performance)

Dj Support

Addy Attention

& Supervisor

(Worldwidewindow Support)

Fr. 10.5.2019 Of Modules, Mice & Men

Michael Menze

The Elsewhere Projekt
Volker Lankow & Bernhard Wöstheinrich

(Berliner Schule)

Der Elektronist

Dj Rebooth
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