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Vangelis 1943-2022
EM News Poster: VCO1 - Date: Thu May 19, 2022 6:59 pm
The news just broke that Vangelis has passed away, aged 79.

A very sad loss for the EM community and the music world at large.

His music will always be with us.
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Tribute to Klaus Schulze: Desert Winds (live session)
Concert News Poster: Bert - Date: Tue May 10, 2022 2:07 pm
Klaus Schulze tribute by Kurtz Mindfields aka Jean-Luc Briancon:

Video session :

I was wondering how to pay an ultimate homage to the great Klaus
My greatest memory of this artist was from the beginning of his career
his ability to go alone with his synths on stage and take us into his
sonic, cosmic and fabulous universe.
So i plug my synths and recorded live this musical piece, for Klaus,
with humility,, and start an improvisation in 3 parts around a sequence
work under his influence.
Instruments : SynthR3 ARP 4012 & S.E.M : master stéréo sequencer (with
TC M300 & SPX90 reverb/delay), Retro One NRSynth : Big Moog bass &
Winds ( + Line 6 Chorus & DD2 Delay), Ancestor NRSynth (ARP 2600) : S&H
rain (+ Midiverb reverb), Minimoog D (+ MXR Phaser & Delay), Waldorf
Zarembourg : Phased Strings, Mister M Hansy : Mellotron Choir.
Recorded live at Nuage7 Studio, Domaine de Sourzy (06/05/2022)
Thanks to NRSynth (Stephen) & Rémy (SynthR).
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Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Stephen Parsick - ULTIMA RATIO
New releases Poster: bewoest - Date: Fri Apr 29, 2022 2:52 pm


I have to admit that in fact I find it more difficult than usual to promote this release. As it is obvious it's a play on sounds and forms of certain genre, and it is indeed meant as a respectful bow to all the creative, influential and defining minds of this particular era around the 1970ties, which for a great part happened to take place in Berlin, where I now live.

Now that sadly and unexpectedly one of the style-defining artists has passed away our release seems to get a certain context and also even awkwardness that of course wasn't intended like that.

However, I hope you'll be able to enjoy it as for what it is; Stephen and I created it with a lot of joy, appreciation and passion for details, in order to recreate 'that' particular feel of back when for you.

composed and performed by bernhard wöstheinrich, berlin, and by stephen parsick at dachgeschoss borgholzhausen.

mixed, engineered, and produced by stephen parsick between january and december 2021.

mastered by markus reuter

bernhard wöstheinrich: keyboards, virtual synthesizer, sequencer

stephen parsick: mellotron, arp odyssey mk. 1, arp pro dgx, elka string ensemble, compact phasing a, roland ph 830 phase shifter, solton and roland tape delays, akg and klark teknik spring reverbs.
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RIP Klaus Schulze (?)
EM News Poster: dronescape - Date: Wed Apr 27, 2022 4:58 pm
I hope this is just a hoax and nothing but a bad joke:


I am speechless and shellshocked (even though it did not exactly come unexpectedly, if that news is true).

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