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Awakenings Virtual Alldayer 10/10/20
EM News Poster: redphil2 - Date: Fri Sep 25, 2020 9:25 pm

We really wanted to do at least one event this year, and after a lot of planning we have managed to agree a virtual live concert. 4 of the bands will record their live sets in Lea Hall on the originally planned date of Oct 10th. Due to covid restrictions MonkeyTrial will record their set at home. We will then produce our usual Virtual Ticket download of all 5 concerts in the week following.
We will also be videoing the sets and hope to come up with a way to show them at a later date.
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Michael Brückner - Footprints New Album
New releases Poster: CyclicalDreams - Date: Fri Sep 25, 2020 5:12 am


In early 2015, Tangerine Dream founder Edgar Froese passed away. Like many, I too was shocked by losing one of the founding fathers and main inspirations of the music we love!

A few weeks later, a friend who hosted a radio show - Christian Fiesel - invited me to contribute a track for an Edgar Froese tribute show that he was putting together. At first I hesitated, for I usually don't do tribute tracks and felt that this were shoes to big to wear for me. However, he persuaded me to give it a try, and the result was the central track on this album - "Everlasting Footprints" (a title that has the initials EF!).

Another month later, I was asked to contribute to yet another memorial radio show - and for that purpose created several alternative mixes of that track. One of them is included in this album as well (but not the one that was aired). The two versions of "Everlasting Footprints" are quite different, and I guess it's worth having them both!

At the time, I didn't want to include these tracks on an album, because it would have felt like capitalizing on Edgar's passing. But more than five years later, it seems appropriate to finally release this music.
Of course, I didn't stop recording music since 2015, and in 2018 and 2019, I was yet again invited to contribute to different compilations which were specifically dedicated to Berlin School. Like it sometimes happens, these projects were never released - which turned out as a blessing in disguise, because this is just the music I needed to complement "Everlasting Footprints" and assemble this album - which I'd like to dedicate to the memory of Edgar Froese.


released September 20, 2020

Michael Brückner used the following hardware and software synthesizers:

Waldorf Blofeld, Korg Z1, Korg 05R/W, ELKA Solist 505, Behringer Model D, NI Absynth, U-HE Zebra, U-HE Diva, Propellerhead Reason

Art work by Tony Jimenez

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Simulacron, by TaboTago
New releases Poster: bewoest - Date: Tue Sep 15, 2020 4:53 pm
Simulacron, the new album released by TaboTago is program music to the book by Daniel F. Galouye of the same name, and even more inspired by Rainer Werner Fassbinder's film "Welt am Draht - World on a Wire", which also goes back to the novel.



In the music of TaboTago, which is influenced by and pays tribute to the band Tangerine Dream, the distinction between original and copy, model and image, reality and imagination is impossible - a mirror image without an original.

The 'busybodies' Leander Reininghaus, Bernhard Wöstheinrich and Andreas von Garnier pack their 2020's equipment to go back to the 1970s and dream of an exciting future that seemed possible at the time - Buckminster Fuller was on board the spaceship Earth at the time - which is obviously different from the one that has come. This sounds in a title like 'Counterfeit World', the fake world. Possibilities and confusion about one's own point of view is the theme, dreamed technological achievements like the 'Cortical Current' and the time confusions they produce are recreated with sequencers. Key figure 'Cau No' disappears in a vortex of hypnotic overtones. The listen-hear experience exceeds the 'look-see-coupling' by far.


Music composed by Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Leander Reininghaus and Andreas von Garnier

Bernhard Wöstheinrich – Synthesizer, Keyboards, Sequencer
Leander Reininghaus – Synthesizer, Electronics, the "SOMA Pipe" (somasynths.com/pipe/)
Andreas von Garnier – Synthesizer, Keyboards, Sequencer

Mixed and mastered by Markus Reuter

Illustration by Christine Kriegerowski; Artwork by studioflokati.de
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RIP John Kerr
EM News Poster: Jon - Date: Tue Sep 15, 2020 12:43 am
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Brückner - FOOTPRINTS - Album Trailer
EM News Poster: BruecknerAmbient - Date: Sun Sep 13, 2020 9:37 pm
Here's a video trailer to my upcoming new solo album FOOTPRINTS on CYCLICAL DREAMS (release date September 25). 🙂

As in all of my trailers, you can hear a mix of excerpts from each track on the album (so, it's not the entire album - as sometimes people believe...). Wink

There's also a short excerpt from the interview Ulises Labaronnie did with me via Zoom a short while ago. The complete interview will be released on the label's YT channel on September 26.



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Terra - by Sayer
EM News Poster: Sayer - Date: Fri Sep 11, 2020 9:46 pm
It has been a while since I have announced here. I've actually had several releases in the last couple of years. They are available in CD and high quality download formats.

Terra - released today:

Other recent releases including Oceans, Future City, Alfheim, & Different Side of Normal:

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New Guido Meyer Album for 2020
New releases Poster: Guido Meyer - Date: Sat Sep 05, 2020 5:00 pm
Hello Everybody!

Haven't been here for longer , so great to see the EM Forum is still alive.

Now 10 Years after my last CD / Album Release " Durathon " I finally finished the Work on " Fairytale " , my new Album for 2020.

Containing 7 Instrumentals and 1 Song !

Yes , I could tell you a lot , but I think it is better you go to my Homepage and get an Impression yourselfe.


Hope you like it , I am thankfull for anyone who gives a listen,,,it was a whole lot of Work,,,

All the Best,

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New release Sensory++: "Exoversum"
New releases Poster: jegelie - Date: Fri Sep 04, 2020 11:14 pm
A portal to another universe just opened; what do you do... Will you go in? What if the physical laws are all messed up?

Well, luckily there's a safe way to find out...
Lean back and let this journey enter your mind through your ears. The experience is different to every other person - it's your personal Exoversum.

Check it out: the digital download is 7 separate tracks, the CD is the full 72 minute story in one trip... packed in a 6-panel digipack.

Where is this gateway to the other universe? Right here! https://jegelie.bandcamp.com/album/exoversum


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