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WavemansUnderground "Die Berliner Jungs" + Sequenc
Posted Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:47 pm by waveman2.3
EM News Friday 28 of june 2019 http://www.underground-aexpaerten.de/Radio1.html
20.00-0.00 / 7pm-11.00pm(UK) / 2-6pm(US) CST or radiosunrise.de

1. Music from Berlin.......rare oldie tracks and brand new
2. Two long tracks from France, one is after TD's Ricochet the best sequencer track I've heard.........based on ARP sequencers. 2nd is the promised Christian Richet, progressive and also sequencer.
3. From Canada, Belgium and the Netherlands between al other tracks.

You are welcome in the chat....... Waveman


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Suzanne Ciani: previously unreleased Buchla album from '69
Posted Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:18 pm by Bert
EM News Suzanne Ciani "Flowers of Evil" LP

All too often, the history of avant-garde and experimental music has been authored to reflect a hyper-masculine point of view - obscuring the truth, and with it, the remarkable innovations and contributions made by woman from across the globe. Fortunately, through reissues and processes of reappraisal, this has begun to change, allowing seminal artists like Éliane Radigue, Pauline Oliveros, Laurie Spiegel, Daphne Oram, Delia Derbyshire, Annea Lockwood, Christina Kubisch and many others, to take centre stage - finally celebrated for their groundbreaking work.

Among the most important of these is Suzanne Ciani a figure who, from the 1960s on, has stood at the vanguard of electronic innovation, experimentation, and musical thought.

Widely celebrated for her ambient efforts during the 1980s, until recently, her early, radical works had remained almost entirely unheard. Luckily, this has begun to change, via Finders Keepers’ incredible, dedicated effort to the composer’s unissued, archival works. First there was Logo Presentation Reels 1985, followed by Buchla Concerts 1975, and Help, Help, The Globolinks!, entirely rewriting the broad understanding of her contributions and historical importance. Now, from Finders Keepers once again, we have yet another stunning LP from her archives - Flowers of Evil, created on her Buchla system in 1969, and never intended for commercial release.

Born in 1946, and classically trained on the piano, during the late 1960s Suzanne Ciani, following her meeting of Don Buchla, dove radically afield - first working on Buchla’s system at Mills College, studying acoustics, psychoacoustics, and computer music, and eventually becoming employed at the legendary San Francisco Tape Music Center, while she saved money to buy her own Buchla 200 - ultimately becoming the central tool in her practice for many years to come. Flowers of Evil, recorded in 1969, belongs to the creative explosio . . .

(Read more)
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syndae - episode 481
Posted Fri Jun 14, 2019 7:59 pm by treibklang
EM News Back from a short and exciting vacation and we go all in to the beat. Yes, we relish some soundbreaking features on this edition, real diamonds of its own. So let's put some pressure to your speakers as if we are going to grow some diamonds. We had some natural beats recently as well, i.e. thunder and rain pouring down on us. Also making one's heart jump a bit, but not as fine as when the soul dances to the rhythm of human making. Enjoy some nice rhythmic electronic music with tracks by KUNI (Coalesce), Spintribe (Phantoms), Osiris4 (Black Diamonds), ATOEM (Voltage Controlled Time), Protuberance (Recollections Vol. 3).

Life is sound at the beat on

Yours, Stefan

(Read more)
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Posted Sat Jun 08, 2019 1:23 pm by DP75
EM News

Check here

(Read more)
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Out Now: Interconnected - Extended Environments CD
Posted Thu May 30, 2019 9:16 am by Parallel Worlds
EM News Extremely happy to announce the album release of my latest collaboration with Ingo Zobel on the label Neotantra. Ambient music made with modular synths, available as limited edition CD and download.
Interconnected - Extended Environments


(Read more)
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OMD, 40 years ago today...
Posted Tue May 21, 2019 2:11 pm by Vignoble @ Co.
EM News “40 years ago today we released our debut single Electricity via Factory Records (catalogue number FAC 6). Later this year we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary with a variety of releases and concerts. More details of the releases will follow in the coming weeks and months.”

(Read more)
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