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EMPortal Spotlight

release date:

June 26th, 2016


synth album inspired by Philip K. Dick's seminal sci-fi
Posted Sun Jul 24, 2016 9:28 pm by Levente
New releases The new album The Dowland Shores of Philip K. Dick's Universe is inspired by Dick's novels and stories, which are spawned also cult film adaptations ranging from Blade Runner to Minority Report to Total Recall.

The album also references the music of the Renaissance English composer John Dowland, who was often fondly referred to by Ph. K Dick in his works.

Philip K. Dick (1928-1982) was an American writer, whose works, exploring philosophical, political and theological themes, have moved from a rather unique corner of 'science fiction' into mainstream (including cult film adaptations like Blade Runner and Minority Report) and into courses on literature.

In Dick's exquisitely complex, often disturbing (and disturbingly prophetic) universe there are numerous veiled or direct references to John Dowland, the English Renaissance composer.

While navigating through Dick's unique and turbulent world, these references for me were akin to encountering safe shores of humanity, of familiar and cosy reality, where one could stop for a moment among the many turbulent flows and currents.

This album is about those shores - the human, sometimes background or secondary, stories and undercurrents in Dick's ever-changing labyrinthine universe.

Among the compositions, which were inspired by these, there are also a few tributes to John Dowland - hopefully adapted to fit into the Dick-inspired musical world as Dick's references to the music of a distant past fit into his universe...

The album is out on Amazon CD, digital download from Bandcamp (with free streaming enabled on all tracks), also on iTunes, Spotify and GooglePlay.

The CD's info page, including details on the tracks, the details of Philip K. Dick works that inspired the tracks, is at: http://leventeth.wix.com/thedowlandshores

https://f4.bcbits.com/img/a0412800784_16.jpg . . .

(Read more)
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syndae - episode 354
Posted Sun Jul 24, 2016 8:00 pm by treibklang
EM News So I asked for the summer last week? Well, it just hit me a day later and now I cannot drop clothes fast enough. My, there was no reason to prove anything, you bright hot star! Ok then, if I cannot move or otherwise would leave a water trail the music cannot be to agitated. Going a bit more quiet tonight, well, mostly at least. Have a joyful time with tracks by Altus (The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow), Rik Johnson (Scars), eyes cast down (Souls Adrift, in Disrepair), A Year in the Country (The Quietened Bunker), Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Gaston Klares (Nuu-Chah-Nulth), Perceptual Defence & Syndromeda (The End of the Universe), Delicate Aparatus (Into the Rift Volume One), Mental Health Consumer (Early Spring Midnight Walks With Us), Bite (Calle Palma), and Spleen (Midnight Radio Compilation 6Cool.

Don't you move with:

Yours, Stefan

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Vinyl Together
Posted Tue Jul 19, 2016 3:50 pm by wmri
EM News Image

We invite you to join our new project from the creators of USC label,
where we listen to curious and rare vinyl records,
some of which have never been reissued in digital form.
And something can be heard different, because of different mastering.
Join and share your opinion on vinyl sound!

Note: We don't monetize this channel, but the ads that may appear in some videos
are added by Youtube on audio that matched licensed material.
There are no known limitations. The audio can be played with ads shown. (use AdBlock to remove them)
It is also interesting that digital fingerprints of digital tracks match analog audio from vinyl.

Youtube - Facebook - VK

(Read more)
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U En O
Posted Tue Jul 19, 2016 8:45 am by von haulshoven
EM News A bit old style sequencing
So called Stone Age Sequencing and some orbit strings.

(Read more)
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syndae - episode 353
Posted Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:00 pm by treibklang
EM News Where is the summ? Well, definitely not at my place currently, but on the other hand, there is nothing stopping me from putting together another one hour show for syndae. The good, the bad, and the proggie. Quite in a mix of not so fast and not so quiet tracks tonight by Remy (Fears), Jakub Fijak (The Circle), Faex Optim (Start With the River), Stefan Erbe (Selectronique Debussy), Otarion (Constellations and the Red Thread), Eagle (Midnight Radio Compilation 6Cool, Tess Said So (Scrramble + Fate), Sai (Perspective Seen From a Different Point of View), Panabrite (The Quietened Bunker), Klangzaun, moonbooter (Cosmoharmonics), and Push Against New Fakes (Immortality).

Get taken away with:

Yours, Stefan

(Read more)
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RIP Alan Vega
Posted Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:02 am by dronescape
EM News Alan Vega, singer of Suicide, died at the age of 78.



"With profound sadness and a stillness that only news like this can bring, we regret to inform you that the great artist and creative force, Alan Vega has passed away.

Alan passed peacefully in his sleep last night, July 16. He was 78 years of age.

Alan was not only relentlessly creative, writing music and painting until the end, he was also startlingly unique. Along with Martin Rev, in the early 1970’s, they formed the two person avant band known as Suicide. Almost immediately, their incredible and unclassifiable music went against every possible grain. Their confrontational live performances, light-years before Punk Rock, are the stuff of legend. Their first, self-titled album is one of the single most challenging and noteworthy achievements in American music.

Alan Vega was the quintessential artist on every imaginable level. His entire life was devoted to outputting what his vision commanded of him.

One of the greatest aspects of Alan Vega was his unflinching adherence to the demands of his art. He only did what he wanted. Simply put, he lived to create. After decades of constant output, the world seemed to catch up with Alan and he was acknowledged as the groundbreaking creative individual he had been from the very start.

Alan’s life is a lesson of what it is to truly live for art. The work, the incredible amount of time required, the courage to keep seeing it and the strength to bring it forth—this was Alan Vega.

Alan is survived by his amazing family, wife Liz and son Dante. His incredible body of work, spanning five decades, will be with us forever."

RIP, and thanks for some fond memories.


(Read more)
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Karelian skies 2016 live in the net on Saturday
Posted Thu Jul 14, 2016 3:38 pm by cyberiad2001
EM News Hi all!

Just a short note from the rehearsals...


The concert will be streamed there on the next Saturday at 17-19 finnish time (so it's 15 english time etc...)

The lineup features guys: Jim Combs (USA), Teijo Salminen (Finland), Pertti Gr�nholm (luxOhr), Ami Hassinen (nemesis, ashen simian), Otso Pakarinen (ozone player), Mauno Tuominen & Petri Frestadius (Sigma)... So you get the idea of how it might sound Smile

Do not miss it (there might be a youtube version some time later...)...hopefully the stream works fine (there's quite heavy thunderstorms in the area this week...


(Read more)
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Awakenings Alldayer - 22/10/16
Posted Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:14 pm by redphil
Concert News Image

Modulator ESP
Grey Frequency

Held on 22-10-16

Held at:

Lea Hall Pavillion
Sandy Lane
WS15 2LB

Doors 12:30pm for 1:00pm start - Ticket price ÂŁ30 (includes free VT)

Advance tickets can be purchased from the website. Unless otherwise noted, the ticket price includes a FREE flac/mp3 Virtual Ticket that will be made available shortly after the gig, these will only be available to purchase online until the day before the gig.

If you cannot attend you may wish to purchase the Virtual Ticket to get the flac/mp3 download

All line-ups subject to change, check website for latest detail

(Read more)
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syndae - episode 352
Posted Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:00 pm by treibklang
EM News What is more fitting than having syndae on sunday? Well, I hope you are fine with the new time and will still enjoy the show. Which, btw., comes in a one hour edition tonight covering some ground after missing out one show. And it also provides very fine tracks I'd like to say, somewhat chilling but also a little tiny bit faster ones. Be my guest with music by moonbooter, HiKE, Ech0 Delta, Melotone, Dub Trees, Protuberance, Christian Heun, Flembaz, Extrarausch, In Vitro, and Mark Dorricott & Stan Dart.

A blaze of sounds at:

Yours, Stefan

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E-Scape 2017
Posted Sat Jul 09, 2016 2:00 pm by admusic
Concert News A long way off yet, but here is the 'almost complete' line-up for the E-Scape Electronic Music festival on Saturday 13th May 2017.

Venue is the same as always, The New Cut, Halesworth, Suffolk, UK.

Virtual Tickets will be available as usual. Ticket prices the same as in previous years.

Tickets will be on sale in a few weeks from www.admusicshop.com

More details to follow.

(Read more)
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